We all have a guardian angel and angels around us from the day we are born. 

Your guardian angel is there throughout your life looking after you and protecting you when you go on journeys or when they feel you need them around for healing. 

We also have angels around us. They are high spiritual beings. We cannot see or hear them under normal circumstances. However, everyone has a guardian angel that they can call upon and they will support and help you when they know you are ready to receive help. 

All you need to do is quietly and calmly send out a thought or request for their assistance, and then they will show you in different ways that they are there. A lot of the time they send white feathers, but most of the time they help guide you in the right direction of your life by things happening that will take you to where you are meant to be and the request you asked for.

Archangel Michael is always listening when you need protection or any of your loved ones or friends etc. You can ask him to keep them safe and send healing around them which is also good for spiritual teaching in all aspects of life.

Archangel Raphael is for New Beginnings – emotional and physical healing, peace and harmony but he’s also good to be around when you are on a journey to keep yourself safe. 

Archangel Gabriel is good for communication and for the strength to be motivated and given confidence. For animals, Archangel Uriel is there to look after them – to send healing to any animal that you know that is suffering and to protect them. 

All these archangels you can call upon when you need them as well as your own guardian angel. With the angels that are around you, sometimes you can feel it around you by an unexpected drop in temperature. Other times you may suddenly feel very hot, or feel a gentle breeze that’s come from nowhere!

Don’t worry, it’s not your imagination, it could be your angel at work. They could be visiting you. Angels glow in the warm light so you feel heat when they are near you, but sometimes you might feel a chill and a sense of an angel passing by. 

If you are lucky enough to sense an angel in this way you can feel truly blessed. Sometimes you can smell a nice scent and then you know that your angel is with you. They may have visited to reassure you that everything will be ok, give protection or give you strength to handle the situation ahead.

Other times, of course, they bring good news. When the sign comes, the message from the angels is that we are alerting you of our presence, we are with you and want to reassure you that everything is ok – we are handling the situation!

So keep an eye out for your angel and always know that your guardian angel is with you throughout your life. 

Photo credit by Karin Henseler on Pixabay

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