Are you a mind reader?

Are you a mind reader?  

A friend you haven’t seen suddenly pops into your head – later that day the phone rings and it’s that friend. A simple coincidence or is it a connection?

Mind reading is sometimes seen as a stage gimmick – trickery for entertainment only. But some people believe a growing number of us are capable of telepathic ability to connect with someone else and even transmit thoughts and feelings without physical interaction. 

When we pick up someone’s thoughts or finish somebody’s sentence, our brains are electrically signalling from our mind – or are we subconsciously interpreting clues from the other person? 

Studies show that we might find it easier to read those we care about because we are in tune with them. That may explain why family members (in particular twins) and even close friends can read one another’s minds.

But what about the strangers that you are not in the same room, town or even country as a person you seem to connect with. This can’t be down to electrical impulses or social closeness can it? 

Some people believe it’s our souls moving forwards. In some cases we continue to come back to the earthly plane over many lifetimes and so over time we develop gifts which will help, such as telepathic abilities. This might help explain why more and more people are finding they can read minds or pick up on thoughts and feelings of others. 

But why do some seem to have greater gifts than others and can anyone learn to improve their telepathic skills? 

The answer may well depend on how open you are to the possibility of telepathy and whether you believe in your own ability. If you are skeptical it’s not going to work, but if you are more relaxed and more intuitive, you are making it easier to pick up on the shifts in energy, thoughts and emotions,

I think the most important thing with telepathy is to be open and relaxed.

Beginners can sometimes do better than those who are more experienced who may put themselves under pressure. You have to make sure you are grounded with your feet on the floor in an upright sitting position, close your eyes and relax and think about making an energy contact.

Have a practice, trust your abilities and remember that any information you get however small will always be significant.

Developing your telepathic skills

To develop your skills you could work with somebody one to one. Place a tray of objects such as food or maybe items from around the home, breathing deeply to quieten the mind. Look at the objects then close your eyes.

One of you opens your eyes and slightly picks up one of the objects and visualises it in much more detail, then that person closes their eyes and imagines sending it to the mind of the receiver.

Visualise the energy between you both, and the pictures and image travelling along this chain of energy to the receiver. 

After a couple of minutes ask the receiver which object came into your mind.

Repeat the exercise four or five times and take it in turns to be the sender and the receiver. 

Practice this technique and record your results so you can see how your telepathic skills are improving.

Picture your phone ringing and visualise yourself speaking to the person. This does not always happen straight away but with trust, patience and believing in your ability, the stronger it will become. You could be a mind reader.

Practice on pets

Some say practicing on your pet is very good as well by testing your telepathic connections. Wait until you settle them into another room. This is better with a dog more than any other animal. Say in your head ‘bring me a toy’ and see if they understand you.

I’ll try mentally asking them what they want to do and wait to see if a picture of a walk, nap or snacks come to mind. Learning to connect might take a while but you will improve with practice then you can move on to humans.

Finally, ask for friends to focus on something like a beautiful place while you’re visualising an object very clear in your mind. In time what appears to be magic, can happen. For instance if you were focusing on a blue ball while you were focusing on a beach walk you might find that they see a blue ball bouncing along the beach towards them!

This is a fun thing to learn and do with your friends or family, but sometimes it helps in your life.  

Working telepathically and using your intuition could help you in your everyday life. Some people are just born with it which is lovely but the closer you are to someone the more connected you are and your telepathic skill will be stronger.

Photo credit by Geralt on Pixabay

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