Body Language

This month, I thought I’d talk about body language, and by understanding body language we can embrace the sexual signs we send out and show that we are attracted to someone without uttering a word.

Once we know how to read body language, it is really useful and many of us instantly understand other people’s body language. For example, it’s easy to tell lovers from friends by how close they stand to each other. When we come to attract a lover, we often get a hunch that someone finds us attractive but sometimes we don’t trust our instincts. This is where understanding sexual signs can be put into use. 

According to experts, it can take between 90 seconds to 4 minutes to decide whether you find someone attractive, and body language counts for 55% of this decision! Make eye contact with people and show that you’re interested. A lingering glance shows that we’d like to get to know the person better! Reaching over to touch a person lightly on the arm can work wonders in bonding with someone and breaking down that physical barrier.

We can copy people’s movements a few minutes after they have made them without realising. It’s a way of saying ‘I’m on your wavelength and feel and react the same way that you do.’ If we tip our head to one side for example, that may indicate that we are curious and interested. This is good body language to make a person interested in you.

The way people sit or stand together speak volumes. When we are interested in someone we naturally turn our bodies towards them so we become in tune with them, and we run our hands through and play with our hair to make us more attractive to that person. It’s a form of flirting! When you smile and laugh you give a genuine smile with your eyes looking straight at the person in front of you. When judging someone else’s body language though, don’t take one thing too literally. If someone looks at the floor they might just be shy. You need to take a group of signals into account before you make judgments. 

If you want to let someone know you’re attracted to them look them in the eyes, lean towards them, occasionally touch them and mirror their movements. If the feedback you get is positive with the same signs then you’re in with a Chance! 

However, people can give out negative body language. If you’re not interested in someone, we make it obvious without even intentionally doing it, but sometimes shyness and awkwardness can make your body language closed and you send out negative signals. If you fold your arms you’re protecting your body from an unwelcome presence. Fiddling with your clothes or things in front of you shows that your mind is only half on the conversation, and you’re looking for a way to get away from this person! Liars often fiddle, and so do nervous people.  

A fake smile is one when you don’t smile with your eyes, and you can tell a person is not interested in what you’re saying. If someone props up their head, it’s as good as a yawn and again this is often a protective gesture. If you are meeting somebody for the first time and they do all that, they’re not interested. 

I thought this was a bit of fun and now you can all go away and look for other people’s body language!

Photo credit by Jonathon Alvarez on Pixabay

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