Christmas is a Magical Time

Christmas is a magical time, when people put up decorations and cover their homes in fairy lights, with everybody around. For some people, it’s more low key, and they may be only put up a tree, but whatever you do it is a magical time. All the things you do at Christmas are rituals, like putting up the tree, hanging a holly wreath, or laying the table, are all rituals with their own special magic. 

Here are a few rituals you can do, at Christmas time 

Wreath – Don’t just hang any old wreath at your door, good fortune starts at your threshold, use your wreath to attract the life you want, add some herbs to it; sage will attract wisdom, rosemary helps you to remember what’s important, lavender brings love and friendship, add golden baubles to draw riches your way, green brings health, red energy, and while you are adding it all together, imagine what you would like for the year that is coming your way.

Yule – Is the season of abundance, and the Christmas cake signifies this, when you make a Christmas cake, and putting it all together, think of positive things that are in your life, then decorate the cake with your own symbols for happiness, when you get the cake out and share it with everyone, think of a positive thought for the person you’re cutting the cake for.

Mince pies – Are associated with abundance and security. It’s a positive sign, particularly if money is tight, while you are eating your mince pie think of the abundance in your life, as if you’re about to receive some kind of gift or cash influx, it could even be a lotto win, just remember to share your good fortune with others during the festival season.

Mistletoe –  The Romans started the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, but it’s not just lucky for kisses, it can be hung around the house to encourage the flow of good fortune and romance into your home. Also above the front door to bring good fortune into your home. 

Pine cones – Placed on your tree branches give off magical healing energy, using a black felt tip pen, write the name of a person on the cone that you feel needs healing, then put the cones underneath your Christmas tree or on the branches and send out healing at the same time.

Bells – It’s thought the sounds of the bells at Christmas carries messages to loved ones in the spirit world and wishing for their love and happiness out into the universe, ring some bells on Christmas Eve so your loved ones in spirit know that you’re thinking of them through the festive season.

The pagans – Believed the sun stood still for 12 days during the darkest part of the year. So they would go in search of a log large enough to burn over this period, to encourage the sun to return. Nowadays we don’t have open fires, so you can use a chocolate Yule log on your table on winter solstice and share and eat it to bring in the good luck and abundance in the year ahead. 

Winter solstice –  is all about the Holly King and the Oak King. The Holly King represents the coolest half of the year and is more powerful in Midwinter, but his adversary the Oak King is more powerful in Midsummer, the battle of winter and summer is commonly played out in seasonal battle as one side wins over the other.

These are just a few things that I researched to make it a bit more interesting around this time of year.

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Christmas is a Magical Time