How I started

I get a lot of people asking me how I started doing this work. Well it all began when my dad died nearly 29 years ago. We all knew he was dying from motor neurone disease, but we didn’t want it to happen. I was brought up going to church and my mum believed in God, but after dad died I felt that there wasn’t a god otherwise why did he let that happen? So I started looking for something else. That’s when I came across a lady that did meditation evenings. I started going and after a while she said to me “You could be a psychic reader, why don’t you learn how to use the tarot cards?”

So I did. I went on a 6 week course with her and I learnt how to read the cards but at the same time I started getting messages given to me from spirits or I should say my spirit guide. I found out who my spirit guide was. At the end of the six weeks the lady said to me “You’re ready to start reading for people.” My thoughts were no, I can’t do this and I was nervous. So she encouraged me by saying she’d booked us both into a mind body and spirit fair.

I went along and I sat at the table. I had 20 people come and I read their cards all in one day and after that I just went forward with it. Over the years I’ve learnt lots of things. I get told by spirits all the different things that you need to know and they work with me more and more. I feel very privileged that I work for them because that’s what I do, I’m only a voice for the spirit that comes through for the person in front of me.

Working with spirits I’ve learnt lots of different things that help with my everyday life. It makes you look at life very differently, the nature around you and how Mother earthworks. I now have my mum and dad in the spirit world and they tell me lots of things about what it’s like being there. It gives you a sense of calm and peace, knowing that your loved ones are waiting for you when it’s time for you to walk through that door.

I also found out that my grandmother (Dad’s mum) was half Romany gypsy and that is where I get my gift from. With the help of spirits, I love helping people and as the years go by they give me more and more knowledge so I can pass it on to people. I’ve done a few different jobs through the years. Housewife, working in a pub, a florist and a few others; but being a wellbeing therapist and a psychic reader is the best job I’ve ever had!

Jo Townsend -How I started