I’m Not Just a Psychic Medium

I’m not just a psychic medium, because I love helping people when they need it. Giving them guidance and reassurance at times in their lives when they need it most – and it makes me feel good knowing that I’ve helped someone with their problems. 

I am very passionate with everything I do in my business. I have a gift, and I work with spirit giving people messages from their loved ones through readings.

But I also do other therapies, which I have learnt over the years.

Past Life

The first course I went on was to become a past life practitioner. Past lives have always fascinated me. When you die, your soul goes to the spirit world, and then comes back in a new life, learning a new lesson until you have learnt all your lessons. and then you go to a higher place. 

I’ve had many past life experiences, and also been to a therapist to have a regression. One of my experiences was in the medieval times when I was a servant, serving the rich. I could smell  and feel everything that was going on around me. 

I have also had several experiences of being a witch (or healing woman) in past lives, and have  had my head guillotined off. I’ve also been hung and drowned. Now I know why I do not like anything around my neck and hate being under the water when I go swimming. 


I then qualified as a counsellor and in the early 2000’s I did counselling for a while. I had a lot of interesting people come to me with their problems. Just sitting and listening to someone that needs to talk and then being able to help them see a way forward is very rewarding. 

Talk Therapy

I also do talk therapy now, which is where anybody can come and just be able to talk over their problems. At the moment with what’s going on in the world, I get more and more people using this therapy. 

Hypnotherapy & EFT

I do hypnotherapy and EFT. It is a fascinating thing to learn – looking into your subconscious and conscious mind, seeing how the mind works and our fears. 

Hypnosis is a gentle and powerful action on our mental and emotional imbalances, and is able to help people with phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, right through to sleeping problems.

Hypnotherapy can treat anything that worries you, and you can do EFT on its own or you can add it with the hypnotherapy and that is an amazing emotional technique. It works by tapping out all your fears and phobias, changing your core belief, cravings and addictions by tapping out pain. Both these therapies work wonders for people, and I’ve been able to help a lot of people over the many years I have been doing it. 

Mindful Meditation

I’ve also done training as a mindfulness practitioner. Doing a mindfulness meditation helps the person to observe the flow of the inner thoughts, emotions and body sensations as good or bad. It brings you into the moment which helps with your stress and anxieties. I can do one to one  mindfulness meditation or in a group and give you tips on how to do it at home when you feel stressed, anxious or just having a bad day. 

Meditation is a great thing to help people relax and I enjoy doing journey meditations with a group. Taking you somewhere lovely and leaving you to relax and see who comes to visit you. It’s good to take some time out in the day once in a while to do things like this. Meditations for healing which is very peaceful. I do energy healing as well. It’s good to get grounded, and we all need that at times with everything that goes on in our lives. 

All these therapies I do individually, but I also put them all together for the person that is in front of me and depending on what they actually need help with. 

At the moment I am doing a chronic behaviour therapy course, which is fascinating to find out how we cope with our mental health and how we need to change our habits to help with that. It is so interesting. I’m nearly at the end of my course, so I will be adding that to the list of my therapies. 

I really love what I do for a career, and would not change one thing about it! I love talking to spirit and having them talk to me and being able to help people. And whether it is through a psychic reading, talking therapy, counselling or all the other things I do, I can see myself doing this for a long time. Until the day I die I expect!

Photo credit by Comfreak on Pixabay

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