Laughter is the Best Medicine

In the Tudor times, they believed that laughing was good for your health, and in King Henry VIII later years they had a fool to make him laugh all the time because they thought that it was good for his health. People just don’t laugh enough these days, walking about all serious and in a low mood, laughter can lift your mood. Also, it allows our lungs to be deep cleaned as we take in far more oxygen then we do when we breathe normally. Even if we pretend to laugh, we actually produce the same stress-busting hormones as if we’re really laughing, laughing removes stale oxygen, and improves breathing.  It can release endorphins, which make us feel good and relieves pain, and produces pheromone chemicals which enhances our sexual magnetism. 

That sounds good to me, we all need to laugh more!!!  Each body part has its own special laugh designed to help it. They’re called laughing chakras or energy centres. You have the root chakra, a deep-down dirty laugh, the belly ho ho ho laugh, the heart hahaha laugh, the throat is a cackle, the mouth chakra hoo hoo hoo, and a day hee hee hee for the head. 

When you are in a group and one person starts to laugh about something it’s infectious and one by one everybody starts to laugh afterward, you don’t really know what you’ve laughed about but it is so good and makes you feel so good too and you can walk away still chuckling to yourself because it was fun having a good laugh. 

There are laughter workshops you can attend, where in a group the tutor will show you how to laugh on your own, and give you exercises to do in a group that would just make you laugh, it can help with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, afterward you can feel good for several days. 

If you did 10 minutes of laughter in your own home every day you boost your immunity system, exercise your body, and increase your sense of well-being. You start off by pretending to laugh and then in the end you’re just laughing and it could be about anything, it also can help you lose weight, so I’ve been told. 

Humans are not the only ones that laugh, animals do too. My son’s dog laughs when she’s happy to see you, its funny to watch her and you end up laughing too. That means you’re laughing which is helping your well-being. Animals are always good to watch if you want a good laugh. Last night I was watching something on TV,  it was so funny and I did a real belly laugh that must have been so good for my well-being. 

I want you all to start laughing more, if you wake up in the morning and you feel a bit low or the weather’s not nice or you’re in a bad mood, just think of something that makes you laugh, it could be a good memory, something that just makes you feel good and you start laughing, but they will just get better. 

Photo credit by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

Laughter is the Best Medicine