Make your wishes come true

Have you found yourself closing your eyes and making a silent plea to the universe over the past few months, whether it’s to keep our loved ones safe and healthy or protect our livelihoods, it is not surprising. 

The seeking of divine intervention in troubled times by making a wish. 

We learnt to wish from a young age when we blew out our birthday candles, a tradition traced back to the ancient Greeks’ smoke from candles carrying prayers to the gods, or wishing upon a star.

But is there any evidence that wishing really does work?

A number of studies suggest that wishing has a positive effect on your well-being and physical health, finding that the negative effects of financial problems on health were significantly reduced among those who regularly wish for things. Wishing is another way of creating our own future by visualisation. 

So if you put out to the universe fear and worry, that is what you will create more of. If you focus on negativity, that is what you will get. Saying I wish for a new job because I hate my present one, well that’s not going to work!!! You need intent and then an affirmation to cement the wish. For example; you could say hey opportunities come easy to me and I am brilliant at what I do, so you are creating the energy that makes the wish come true. 

You have to believe. 

Our spirit guides, angels, or whatever higher power you feel aligned to, they will give us what we ask for, but you are the person who is making this come true. Of course, you can ask them to help you, but ultimately you are the power. It doesn’t matter so much about what you’re wishing for, it’s how much you believe that it will come true, you could ask for a button or a castle, the energy is the same. It’s about belief and mindset, the important part is the strength of your will and intent, but inevitably a simple wish will be quicker and easier to fulfill, then a more involved wish that will take longer. 

What happens if your wish doesn’t get granted? 

The universe may well know what’s best. Our wishes are granted by the universe whether it is in the form of a spirit guide, angel, or just cosmic energy. Sometimes what we want isn’t always what we need. You might wish for something because you feel you actually need it but the universe may well have other plans for you. When it comes to wishing, keep your intentions pure and positive and everything should work out for the best.

Try doing a water wish

  • Write your wish on a piece of paper as if it  were  an affirmation
  • Fill a glass with water, attach the paper to your glass
  • Rub your palms together to increase the energy in your hands and place them on the glass
  • Say your wish, picture what you want to achieve, and send your energy to the water
  • Now drink the water
  • Repeat this morning and evening for a week

Photo credit Kelly Jean on Unsplash

May Your Wishes Come True