Meditation is good for all sorts of things. Talking to your spirit guides, meeting your loved ones, anxiety, depression and stress. You can do it in groups or on your own. It’s a great way to relax and unwind after a stressful day or in the morning before your day starts. A 10 minute meditation can do the power of good. 

To be successful in your meditation, you need to clear your mind. It is important that you choose a time when you feel that you will not have any disturbance. Some people like to do it first thing in the morning when their mind is completely clear, or some prefer the afternoon or evening. For some people, their hectic lifestyle means they feel unable to find time to meditate.

Doing nothing for 20 minutes can seem like a waste of time if you usually work round the clock to get things done. But meditation during a hectic day can help clear your mind, which will create more time for yourself as you will be refreshed and ready to get on with the demands of daily life. 

Studies show people need a good break every 90 minutes to help restore concentration and maintain productivity. While a longer session might be more beneficial, five minutes of good quality meditating can be just as effective. You will soon find that there are more hours in the day than you thought. 

We all have different meditation needs and different time preferences. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can make time work for you when it comes to planning your meditation. 

If you are an organised person, it would be good to go to meditation sessions with a friend or on your own. These groups are available weekly or fortnightly. 

If you like lying in bed before you get up, take five minutes looking up at the ceiling trying to visualise yourself having a calm, enjoyable day concentrating on your breathing. By the time you get out of bed you will be relaxed and ready to face the day.  

Maybe you might just like to meditate at the same time every day or every week and this will help you get into a routine of meditating and will encourage you to set aside some quality time. You can also use time to help you meditate.

Stare at a ticking clock and focus as each second passes and is replaced by another. Listen to the ‘tick tock tick tock’ and focus on the moment. Imagine the cogs of the clock in your mind, slowly turning and like the clock, feel yourself unwind.

Meditating in a group is good to listen to the person taking the meditation. When I do meditation groups, I do a visualisation technique where you are relaxed, listening to where the person is taking you and leaving you there to relax or to see your spirit guide or loved ones.

This is a lovely way to meditate, and afterwards because you are in a group, you can chat about what you saw or felt and share how relaxed you are. 

I’m now going to do a ten minute de-stress step by step guide for you.

For 1 minute: Sit comfortably in a chair and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing and let your thoughts pass over you.

For 4 minutes: Let your body relax. See yourself in the chair and one by one your muscles are getting more relaxed until you are totally one with the chair.

For 4 minutes: Now visualise a place that you are happy in, or a place you would like to be – a beach or wood, something like that. See yourself relaxing there and how calm you are.

For 1 minute: Keep your eyes closed and breathe in and out deeply. Then breathe, and stretch your arms over your head. Stretch your legs out in front of you and open your eyes.

This is a good way to help with stress.

Photo credit by Renata Hille on Pixabay

Woman sat meditating on beach