Past Life Regression

Past life regression is an opportunity to explore the possibilities that you have been here before, living a previous life. We are all who we are because of our previous experiences and it may be that certain character traits, fears, health or relationship issues are a consequence of a previous incarnation.

You can let go of issues fears and physical symptoms that you may have carried over into your current life. Sometimes it explains relationship problems as we often recognise people in our current lifetime who have also been with us in a previous life.

Things to know about past lives:

Sometimes one person gets a regression and records every detail – names, smells, and colours. Other times a person can get a hazy regression, and nothing will come forward for them.

There are many levels of trance in hypnosis. They can be varied from a dream, like an impression of watching it as if it were a movie, to being in the past body and experiencing every single detail.

All levels are equally valid. If you do not get anything, it may be because your guide and higher self are protecting you from levels you’re not equipped to deal with yet. Just go with it and except that you will soon see all you need, in time.

The law of karma is all about balance. This is why, hard as it might be to accept, we’ve all been poor, or slaves and servants or people who serve others. Some good, some bad and both male and female. You could have been royal, as a well-known figure, so you can create the balance, which is the whole purpose of living multiple lives.

Past life patterns can cause other types of behaviour in this life, making the same mistakes again and again. You may have come to this life determined to stop your behaviour patterns, but old habits die hard. Going back can help you let go of what makes you do the same things again. Going to a past life can stop it happening and break the habit.

Sometimes aches and pains all the time can be a trauma you suffered. A birthmark can be some injury you had in a past life or you could be fearful of getting an illness. All this can be because of an illness or disease or from being tortured in a past life.

Regression can help to put them behind you for good. There is a lot more to past lives then just seeing what you were. It can help you move forward with things in your life that stop you and give you pain. Seeing a therapist and getting help is good for you, as it is easier than doing it yourself. You have to be very good at meditation to be able to self-heal yourself from past problems.

Do you have a childhood trauma that is lodged in your mind, your subconscious will hold onto it? Once you recall when and what you heard you’ll know that it doesn’t relate to this life and can move forward.

If you are one of these people who continuously feels like you’re going to die young, then it’s likely you died young in a past lifetime and regretted your life being stolen from you. These feelings are what you’ve brought forward into this life. You can go back to find out how and why you died so young and it will put your mind at ease.

Smells are very important in past life work. People often think they can just see something that inform them that they have come from somewhere. However the smell comes from a sense and sometimes you discover a past life when there is an important message or connection to what happened through a smell. Then it is good to have a regression, but if you are confident in meditation you can meditate on your own.

If you were a rebel and came to a sticky end in a past life you could have problems with authority and find it hard to trust anyone. This is another reason for a past life regression to see what happened so that you know the whole story and find out your fears.

Past life regression is great. You can use it for lots of different things. You can also do past life in this present-day life of yours – going back to your childhood to find out about the trauma or something that went wrong. Or you can find out about a phobia you have and go back to work out how you can go forward and to clear the way.

Going into your past whether it’s going back into a past life or into the past of your current life is so interesting. Our subconscious holds so much inside the mind and letting out stuff will help lots of people with lots of different things. I hope you found this blog really interesting and if you feel you would like to see me as a therapist, talk to me to get started:

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