Spirit Guides

Did you know we all have a spirit guide?

In the same way as we have angels watching over us, we have spirit guides around us too – same thing! Spirit guides are helpers from the world of spirit that can provide messages, protection and guidance. You can have several spirit guides for different reasons in your life. I have 3 spirit guides and an animal guide. My main one that works with me when I do readings is an Egyptian and he was my protector in a past life and now he is with me again! 

If you connect with your spirit guide, they will help you in all the things I have just mentioned. There’s lots of different ways that you can connect with a spirit guide – through a meditation group, spiritual awareness group, or if you want to do it on your own, you can through meditation, or in your dreams. 

I know of some different guides – ancestors being one. This kind of spirit guide is linked to you with a blood connection. Often the first type of guide to appear to you, they’re usually a grandparent or a cherished family member. They will help with everyday events. They might find something in your home that you cannot find. They can send you in the right direction with consequences or give you messages in dreams.

Another is Angels, who can be around when they feel that you need them. They support you during traumatic events such as an accident or illness and are a loving energy around. You can ask for their help with a crisis that’s going on in your life. If you say ‘Angels please help me with..’ and then afterwards remember to say thank you.

There are also Ascended masters. These exalted beings are spirit guides who have  transcended the circle of death and rebirth. They include Jesus, Buddha and Kwan Yin. Theyre the ultimate spirit guide and represent a doorway to the other world and divine energy. A lot of people that do healing have these spirit guides.

Also Gods and Goddesses. Every culture has its own gods and goddesses, from the ancient Egyptians to Western pagans, but all gods and goddesses are just a different representation of the Divine energy. They are good for providing guidance and protection. By focusing on a particular god or goddess you can tap into the power of the Divine energy. It could be love, strength or healing and so on. Some people have them as their spirit guides. 

Lastly, there are animal guides. We all have an animal guide. There are different ones that are there at different times of your life, and whatever is going on in your life, they protect you and give you strength. You can also work with your spirit guide and call upon them whenever you need them. People who believe in shamanic will work with their power animal, and they believe that they walk with you through your life. I have one too. I have a panther that has been with me since I was a child, but sometimes I will get an eagle. However when I need to learn something or teach something, I get a wolf, a bear when I need strength, and I can get a rabbit when I need to play! 

Whoever your spirit guide is, it’s lovely to know that they are around to help you, protect you and keep you safe.

Photo credit: S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Buddha spirit guide sat in middle of atmosphere