Spirits and Ghosts in your home

This month, I’m going to talk about spirits or ghosts in your home, and my experience of the ones that have made themselves well-known. l have lived in lots of different places through my life. It started when I was little and things would be moved or I would see this lady in white and there were certain rooms in the Farmhouse that I lived in with my parents that I didn’t like to go to. That sort of thing went on through my life up ’til present time. I’ve lived in places where you know there is a spirit, you can feel their presence in the house.

Going back a few years now, I was living in a house with my children, and we had a lady spirit of an old lady and she did make her presence known at night, You would hear her opening and closing cupboards and drawers in the kitchen. I had a clothes rail in my bedroom and I used to wake up hearing her moving the clothes, and sitting on the bottom of my bed. This used to happen nearly every night.

My son and his mate slept in the room next to me; they were both 18 years old, and one night they got woken up by the video recorder turning itself on and playing. They both looked at each other, and my son thought it was funny but his friend had the wind put up him! My daughter used to hear her walking up and down the stairs as well. She was a real mischief-maker but we got so used to her, and I found out that she lived there in the war with her husband and he never came home and she stayed in the house until she died waiting for him to come back.

There was also a spot in the front room where you used to feel very tired, and one day I saw her sitting in her chair looking out the window waiting. We all moved on from the house but I bet she’s still there playing havoc with whoever lives there now!

Spirits sometimes love to let you know they’re in the home and are there, because they don’t want to move on. They don’t mind sharing their home, they just like you to know that they’re around. I’ve been to places where you can smell toast cooking, or perfume, and you know that they are around.

Sometimes a loved one is visiting you and you can smell or feel them and you just know it’s somebody you know. My mum is still at my sister’s house where my sister looked after her for many years, and she lets them all know she’s around making lots of noise, moving things, turning things on and off and even letting them see her. Myself and my sister’s family have got used to it but I think it’s very comforting in knowing that she is still around. She believed in the afterlife so it makes sense that she wanted to come back and see everybody.

In the last house I lived in, before I moved to my new one, it was a coastguards cottage by the sea and I lived in The Captain’s Cottage and had tall windows in my bedroom. In the Victorian times when the cottage was built, the captain would stand at the window with his spyglass and look out across the sea to make sure everything was OK.

The first night I stayed there, he made his presence known by sitting on my bed and waking me up. I wasn’t impressed and told him to leave me alone. After that I used to smell the cold fire in the middle of the night where the chimney was blocked up now, and cigarette smoke, and sometimes something would wake me up and I would see him standing by the window. We got used to each other and I lived there for  6 years. I would often feel him around.

I also saw a little dog around as well which was probably the captain’s. It used to make my feet cold when I was sitting on the sofa. There were also a few other spirits wandering about in that cottage. Luckily I take no notice!

My new place doesn’t seem to have anybody yet but I’ve only been here for 3 months. I’m sure there will be some coming in and out to say hello to me and I look forward to seeing them, smelling them, hearing them or just knowing they’re there.

You don’t have to worry about sharing your home with a spirit or ghost if you like to call them that. Sometimes they will only appear at certain times of the year; perhaps the anniversaries of their death or something like that. So once a year you might feel somebody around or hear something. It’s nothing to worry about and the ones that do share your house with you they just like to be part of the family. They just like to know that their home is being lived in but they don’t want to leave it.

If you ever have any trouble with them you just give me a call and I will come and see who you have living with you!!

Photo Credit by TheoRivierenlaan on Pixabay

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