The Power of Words

Words have great power. We use them to express feelings to disagree and agree, to ask and put forward ideas, and we also use them in chatter that goes on inside our heads. Chatter can be really important to you because if you are continuously telling yourself `I’m no good’, ‘I cannot do this’ or ‘I can’t be bothered’ your words and thinking will stop you from achieving your goals.

However, if you think ‘I can’ and make the self talk positive and helpful you will not only feel better in yourself, but you will achieve and improve your chances and your prospects. Certain words and phrases can make a real difference, and if you use the magic power of words as much as you can in your thoughts and your conversations to people, you’re uplifting yourself and people around you!

Yes is a great word. It’s full of agreement, approval and taking things forward as a positive. It’s like a spark, it brightens and helps and make things happen. If you say yes to yourself – I’m going to do that today, yes I can do that, yes yes yes, yes that was a great idea and so on. Good is also a great word because you feel good and you have good energy. You might say ‘that’s good’, ‘I had a good day’. Good is an uplifting word which makes you feel bright and hopeful. ‘Good to see you’, ‘I feel good’.

The word thanks is great. When you thank somebody you feel good. When you’re noticed and appreciated and people thank you, you feel good. It’s a positive word with energy and you know this word will have a pleasing effect. Thanks is a very powerful and special word.

Lastly, your name is a special word! When you hear your name it tells you that they are addressing you and to pay extra attention, but your name is special and it is a magical word to you that applies to everyone. People like to hear their name so use names often and whenever you can. Your name is pure magic.

So stay positive when you talk to yourself or in your thoughts. You need to say I believe in myself, life is great, I make things happen, I use my time well, I offer myself up to the good. Speak well, think well and it will help you to live well!

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Photo credit by narciso1 on Pixabay

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