“Mindfulness is for everyone irrespective of age. It can help stress, anxieties, aid healing as well as help to improve your life day by day.”

Mindfulness is a useful tool against stress, anxieties and many other health problems. It’s more than just relaxation it’s about an awareness of the present moment and the experience.

Mindfulness requires you to connect with your senses, tapping into your curiosity and understanding the complexities of the human mind. There are a great many benefits to mindfulness that can improve your life.

Seeing Jo will help give you a greater control over your life and help with what problems you have. The end result is that you will have a greater sense of control over your mind and life. Once all your fears are removed, mindfulness you can go away with the tools Jo has shown you, to keep doing Mindfulness techniques on your own.

Jo also does mindfulness meditation in the workplace, which can help with the approach to work in general. The workplace can be a stressful place and by releasing and letting go of negative thoughts and energy, your workplace environment and staff will be a happier more productive.

Mindfulness meditations can be as individual sessions with Jo for 1 hour. If you are looking to bring mindfulness and wellbeing into your workplace, Jo is happy to visit and take your staff through group meditations, at a time that is convenient to your work environment.