Spiritual Counselling

“If you’re feeling unhappy or low wear something purple, white or yellow to lift your spirits they are magical colours”

Spiritual counsellors do a lot of listening and other modalities, unlike traditional counsellors, Spiritual Counsellors work with your soul and not your mind, working with your energy system, intuitive psychic system, and your subconscious using all of these things to work through your problems.

Jo can help with issues such as confidence, self-esteem, challenges at work, family or learning, how to deal with fear, anger, grift or depression. Or it can be that you are troubled by something subtitler, an inner feeling of frustration or emptiness the sense that you have somehow gone off track and lost your purpose in life.

Jo will listen to you and your problems or what your obstacles are and over 6 sessions will help you go forward with your life, and help you change the way you think about your life.

Spiritual Counselling sessions are booked in 1 hour blocks and can be up to 6 sessions depending on how much you need to work through.