Trusting Your Instincts

Intuition is something we all have, it’s an ability to understand something instinctively or to just know. For example, you may just know who’s on the line when the phone rings, or know that you have got the job you applied for.

Intuition or instinct is an important tool, it’s what animals use in the wild to stay safe from predators, and back in our caveman days, it would have fulfilled the same functions for us. The difficulty for many of us is separating the two and trusting our intuition particularly when the rational part of your brain is saying you can’t possibly have known that, but listening to that little voice and bringing its guidance into your life has major benefits for us. You just have to learn to trust it.

Some people naturally use their Intuition more than others, and people who experience vivid dreams, which are themselves messages from the subconscious, can all learn how to clarify that inner voice

Practice makes perfect, and the more you work with your Intuition, the stronger it will become. Spending time away from noise will help you with this. The hustle and bustle of everyday life mean we rely less on our Intuition. You can’t develop your Intuition if you don’t use it. Getting out into nature and listening to that quiet inner voice of yours will help with getting to know how you feel when you are connecting with your intuition. Once you find that the answers will come. You could write down what you receive and how you feel. This can help you make sense of what you get. Just don’t overthink what you’re writing. Let your subconscious guide your hand and eventually, it will come naturally to you. You could then go on to develop your psychic side.

There are four psychic powers and you could have one that is stronger for you.

Clairsentience – is the ability to feel energy in old buildings, you pick up emotions or past events. You have feelings about people too. If you feel you have this is. When your phone rings, see if you feel the caller is happy or sad, before taking the call.

Clairaudience –  is hearing with your psychic ears. You pick up voices. Sometimes you’re telepathic and can tune into people’s thoughts. If this is you. Sit still for five minutes. Close your eyes, listen to your breath, and the sounds outside, and let go. Do you get messages or words coming to you?

Clairvoyance – is seeing visions, imagines, symbols, or pictures in your mind’s eye. If you feel this is you. When you wake up in the morning before your parcel arrives, see if a picture builds in your mind’s eye of what is going to be delivered and how many parcels will come.

Claircognizance – is knowing things, you have strong instincts about people or upcoming events. If you are like this. As you turn on your laptop, focus on your inbox. Can you pick up what each email is about or the tone it will be before opening it.

Slotting these things into your day will become second nature, and with practice, you will find that working with your gifts become an Intuitive part of how you make your decisions. If you want to go further with your gift you could join a development group Research these in your local area, or if you live nearby to me, check out my Facebook page for updates of when they will be.

Trusting Your Instincts