Why I began to see the world differently

As a Clairvoyant and Tarot reader, I love being able to help people in my job and give them a better perspective on life. Helping people is like counselling in a way and a lot of people come to me who need help with their lives or relationships.

I became a spiritualist over 25 years ago when my father died. On the night of my Dad’s passing, he was there, I could feel him, I could feel spirit around me. My son also started to see my Dad and this is what made me interested in the Spiritual world. It made me look at it differently and I decided to explore this new gift and sought out classes to help me learn. I went to Meditation classes and from there the lady that took the class asked if I would like to learn Tarot.

I started using Tarot cards and learning how they worked but instead of just reading the cards as they are, I listened to my ‘Spirit Guide’ who helped me to interpret them for the client. I learnt to listen to my guide.

It took off fairly quickly and I did a spiritual fair which threw me in at the deep end but it went well. I was working as a Clairvoyant and Tarot reader part-time but things really took off and I now do it full-time. I am now so well-known and I do 6 – 7 readings a week.

I don’t just work in the Chichester area; I also travel as far as Gloucester and Southampton to do readings in Spiritual Shops. I like to work in different places and meet lots of different people.

I love what I do and feel passionate about what I believe in, I feel privileged to be able to work for the spirits. For them to give me this gift is amazing.

I have had a lot of sceptics come up to me at fairs who say; “You knew I was coming didn’t you?” but they can often change their tune after having a reading. My success means I have plenty of regular clients but I see lots of new faces too and the reason I have become so busy is through word of mouth recommendations.

My plans for the future is to carry on what I am doing and learn new skills and develop my Therapies further.

Here’s some feedback I received from Bex (Reporter) and Louise (Photographer) from the Chichester Observer Team who I did readings for;

Bex’s Reading
I am quite interested in this sort of thing so was excited to have a reading from Jo. At one point she said my great-nan was with her and from the things she was saying, it sounds like she could have been speaking to her, as from what I know she was quite unique! I enjoyed the reading and found it fascinating, but whether the predictions were right, only time will tell.

Lou’s Reading
The first time I met her, I was very impressed with some of the detailed information she gave me. She told me I was juggling three projects and that I needed to concentrate on just two of them because I was doing too much. This rang true.
Also, I know I’m a photographer but she went into detail about a neck problem I had been suffering with and she said everything was going to be fine. The funny thing is that morning I had been to the hospital with this neck problem.
I found the experience very interesting, the fact she was getting this information from an “unseen” source.

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Why I began to see the world differently